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Our Firm

MeyerCap provides innovative and disruptive FinTech, Consumer Products, and Business Services to companies with start-up capital to help the founder achieve their dreams of having a successful product in the market while leveraging technologies. Additionally, MeyerCap assists in turn-around situations to provide stalled or struggling companies find their market opportunities.


We offer primarily seed capital and emergency capital to companies in the following sectors:


  • FinTech

  • Business Services

  • Disruptive Technology

  • Consumer Products


As a member of the MeyerCap portfolio, companies get access to an experienced partner with deep operating experience and knowledge of a wide variety of experts and unique solution strategies. We leverage insights from a strong understanding of our sectors to help our portfolios companies grow. We collaborate on strategy, operations, and technology as active members on the boards of our portfolio companies.


MeyerCap is the culmination of our Founder's real world experience in launching companies, turn-arounds, raising capital,making bets on people and ideas, investments, and just plain hard work. We know what it takes to be successful. Companies we launched have sold for in excess of $100 million and we have several portfolio companies with even greater potential.


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