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JP Crickets

​​JP Crickets is the go-to his and her shoe that combines an Italian-made loafer with the comfort of a classic velvet slipper. The relaxed-style shoe boast an embroidered University logo on suede, velvet, or linen with an all leather sole. The company also has collections featuring tassels, monogrammed logos and custom designs.

FirstView Financial

​​FirstView provides program management and processing services supporting a diverse array of prepaid card solutions. With decades of management experience, FirstView excels at innovation in the high-growth prepaid card arena. FirstView has implemented successful programs covering the full spectrum of prepaid card applications, including: Financial institutions seeking solutions tailored specifically to the needs of underbanked consumers

Our Portfolio

Current Holdings:

Previous Investments:

InterPoynt LLC

​​The InterPoynt cloud based Billing, Invoicing, and Payments (BIP) Platform provides robust functionality and security for all your BIP needs. From simple “Click to pay” or “View and Pay”, to mobile payments, to highly configurable convenience fee and merchant funded BIP needs, InterPoynt is the solution to help every business from SMEs up to Fortune 100 Clients, Bill Better so you can Collect Faster!


Sold to a top three bank and processing company in August 2013.


CBOS offers a hosted, cloud-based, mobile, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with user-defined roles, multiple levels of security for data storage and user access. The CBOS platform provides information that can be accessed by all departments and eliminates individual solutions for each department and the repetitive, error-prone input of data.


Oversight Systems

Oversight Systems’ core mission is to help managers and executives derive actionable insights from a sea of data without requiring that they become, or hire, data scientists. Oversights give you direct visibility into your financial and operational transactions. Plain-language alerts show not just what happened, but why – and what to do about it.

Apricot Materials

Apricot Materials Technologies, LLC is a nano technology firm specializing in ceramic capacitor and precious metal powders

Caldrea Inc.

Caldrea was founded on a simple and powerful idea—that caring for our homes should be a beautiful experience.


Sold to SC Johnson Wax


Skylight Financial

In 1998, Skylight Financial, a NetSpend® Company, pioneered a way for companies to enjoy a cost-effective, 100% paperless payroll system. Now, employees and individuals without traditional banking relationships can avoid costly and inconvenient paycheck-cashing services.


Now owned by Netspend (NYSE:NTSP)


We put brands in hands…and hearts.

PromoWorks is more than a sampling company. More than a demo company. More than a company that simply hands your product to someone.


Sold to Private Equity

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